Why videos are now essential for successful marketing!

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If you came across this blog in a few years-time, would you be reading it? The chances are you would be watching it, because the growth of online video consumption is going through the roof! Facebook and Snapchat have now both surpassed eight billion daily video views and YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every single month!

What does this mean for your businesses?

It is a fact of life, that social media is now involved in most transactions at some point! And Facebook and Instagram are responding to the demand for videos, by prioritising them on their platforms. If you read my blog, about the new changes to Facebook taking place, then you will know that video content is likely to be the only way to be seen.

How to create a video that works for your business

The success stories of videos that have gone viral are legendary! However, this is not an easy thing to achieve and it may not benefit your business anyway if the video is seen by the wrong people! When creating your video content, it has got to be part of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What makes your product or service special?
  • Why is your product or service better than the competition? Is your product the cheapest or does it have a special feature?
  • What are your brand values? If you are promoting serious medical products, you can’t have a jumping armadillo on your video.
  • Finally, why are you producing a video in the first place? Is it to build brand awareness, education or for lead generation?
  • How is your video going it fit into your overall Marketing Strategy?

Things to think about when planning content?

Your video needs to be naturally engaging and relevant to your audience, and in an age of information overload, it is also vital that the content is easy to digest. If not consumers will quickly move on!

Tips and tricks

  • Adapt the length of your video to suit the social media platform.
  • Encourage viewers to watch your whole video by putting the best information at the end. Facebook’s algorithm will reward posts that are watched completely.
  • Make the video timely and relevant to users, for example use events such as Valentines!
  • Don’t hold your call to action till the end, you can have clickable icons in the middle.
  • Consider breaking the video up into digestible chunks, if there is a lot of information.

Is video affordable for small businesses?

The answer is yes! There are lots of free apps and editing applications, such as Lightworks and Hitflilm Express that you can use. However, if the video is going on your home page and is going to be seen by large numbers of customers, it is probably worth investing a little more and using professionals.

HC Marketing are about to “walk the talk” by producing our own videos, starting with a home page introduction to my service and then moving on to useful tactical advice for companies who are looking grow. So, watch this space!

Good luck with growing your business!


Helen Cameron Bsc Hons, ACIM

Marketing Consultant

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