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HC Marketing Services specialises in working with small to medium sized businesses, providing marketing expertise that attracts new clients and generates results. We provide a complete marketing service from planning, right through to full implementation and on-going management.

Table with a coffee cup and tablet, the tablet has many words on it such as lead generation, development and advertising.

Lead Generation

Finding new customers is vital for the growth of any company. Without a supply of new leads your business will struggle to expand and may even shrink. It is also essential to…

View of table from above with coffee cups and glasses, hands holding pens stretching over the table with colourful graphics overlaid with the words 'layout', 'web design' and 'pages' inside them.

Successful Websites

Boost your business, with a great website An effective website is key to the success of any business online. Few people buy anything these days without checking out a company’s website first.…


Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Strategy is key to growing your business HC Marketing will work closely with you to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your business, identifying any new potential opportunities. We will ensure…


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