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New Body and Soul - Owner Michelle Walsh

What were you hopping to achieve when you contacted HC Marketing?

I was looking for someone with experience to help me write content that was relevant and structured to my new website template.

Did you achieve what you wanted?

Absolutely, helen was fantastic with her recommendations around the content and had great advice on a number of other areas on how to make the best of my content.

How did you find the HC Marketing service?

Very professional and friendly. Helen was happy to amend anything I wanted changed and always quick to get back to me. Nothing but a positive experience.

How has using HC Marketing affected your business?

The content will be so valuable in driving the right type of my clients to the new website which of curse is driving my business forward.

Why did you choose HC Marketing?

Helen offered a free consultation initially which I found very helpful so after a call with her I choose to go with her services as felt she understood what I was trying to achieve.

What additional services of HC Marketing do you anticipate using?

When I decide to expand I will be using her copywriting services again for sure.

Would you recommend HC Marketing?

Yes definitely.

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