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Wise On Water

What were you hoping to achieve when you contacted HC Marketing?

I wanted to manage marketing projects for my clients, alongside the PR we already offered, so I needed someone with relevant experience and expertise and the flexibility to move between different clients’ needs with professionalism.

Did you achieve what you wanted?

I achieved exactly what I wanted and have worked with HC Marketing, with a number of clients, on a range of projects.

How did you find the HC Marketing service? 

I met Helen Cameron through a company we both worked for previously, where she was brought in to manage events marketing. When I set up my own company I contacted her when I saw the opportunity to work together again.

How has using HC Marketing affected your business?

Using HC Marketing means I can take on projects I would otherwise turn down, either because we don’t have the skillset or the time to carry them out. This benefits my clients because it means we can manage their marketing and PR needs seamlessly. As a very small agency, it is useful to have flexibility by using freelance support to manage fluctuating workloads. My clients have been thrilled with HC Marketing’s professionalism which reflects well on us.

Why did you choose HC Marketing?

Helen is very easy to work with, she can be trusted to take the lead on a project and quickly understands the needs of my clients. She is imaginative in the ways she meets their business requirements. She can work across lots of types of projects including strategy development, website development & design, exhibition planning and creating marketing materials. She also has a degree in environmental science, which means she easily understands the technical aspects of my clients’ businesses in the environmental sector.

What additional services of HC Marketing do you anticipate using?

I’m always consulting with Helen to find out what she can do to help my own business and my clients’ businesses. As the marketing landscape changes rapidly due to the challenging times we’re living through, I’m seeing a shift to more webinar and video based projects and I’m sure she’ll have lots of ideas on this front.

Would you recommend HC Marketing?

I always recommend HC Marketing to other business owners I meet. It would be hard to find another marketing agency as friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional.


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