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What were you hopping to achieve when you contacted HC Marketing?

That Helen could re-write my website copy to fall in line with an update and re-fresh of my website and to help me explore whether a different website provider would be beneficial.

Did you achieve what you wanted?

Yes definitely!

How did you find the HC Marketing service?

Helen is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and attentive, she listened to my ideas and thoughts and converted those into copy for the site, she was patient with me when I asked for things to be tweaked or explained differently and was keen to understand how my business works. She has a good eye for detail and colour and for making the website pages flow in a user friendly way.

How has using HC Marketing affected your business?

I have had some lovely feedback on how the site looks, and I am working towards increasing traffic to it. I feel the site is more in keeping with my brand identity.

What was your business like before HC Marketing?

It was dormant for a year, so we are starting from square one again.

Would you recommend HC Marketing?

Yes I would.

Charlotte – Owner, Metro HR

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