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There is no point in developing a fabulous website if the people you want to speak to can’t find it! SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you drive quality traffic, get visibility and gives your website credibility. This blog gives you a few helpful ways to improve your SEO quickly.

1. Ensure you claim your Google Knowledge Panel– This appears on the right- hand side of the Google search. You need to choose an area of expertise and then collect good customer reviews to receive the full benefit.

2. Writing good page titles are important – Title tags appear in search engine results and are extremely important. Make sure they are unique and that they describe the page in an enticing manner.

3. Meta-page descriptions need to be attractive – These descriptions will be competing with adverts, so the text needs to be attractive to your reader.

4. Use ALT Tags – Use these to describe an image to your reader who are visually imparted, these are important because search engines want websites to be accessible. They need to contain keywords, but should still be readable.

5. Link your webpages to each other – Add links on all pages to keep people moving around your website.

6. Reduce your bounce rate – Ensure you have multiple ways to link to other pages through your navigation, links on every home page section and don’t forget the site map at the bottom. Google will list your website lower if visitors only go to the home page and them leave.

7. Local SEO is becoming increasing essential – Letting Google know where you are located is really important and what products or services you are offering. It is also important to register on the local pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

8. Use multiple keywords – It is not enough to just repetitively use the same word, so use different words, or plural and singular versions.

9. Write more content – Good content will always attract readers, so write what you know about and make it well researched and interesting.

10. Social media is becoming increasingly important – On the search engine results page, it now regularly beats website listings. So be prepared to use these platforms and ensure you have loads of links back to your website.

11. Mobile versions are now crucial – The number of searches on mobiles has now exceeded computers, so it is critical that all websites now work on mobiles.

If you find that you need help putting together your SEO Strategy, then please feel free to contact us. We offer a free 30 minute consultation where we can assess your current marketing and discuss your future business objectives.

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